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Hi and welcome!

Thank you for your interest in my books.  Like you, I love to escape to a world of exciting characters and adventures, to places and times I might never be able to visit.

My first published novel was Regret Not a Moment, a romance that begins in the genteel hunt country of Virginia in the 1930s, and spans the decades.  Along with heroine Devon Richmond, you'll visit France, Egypt, New York and London.  Devon will become famous as one of the first women bold enough to enter the male-dominated field of horse racing.  Regret Not a Moment is now available in e-format for Amazon Kindle, as well as on Barnes & Noble Nook.

No More Lonely Nights was my second published novel.  For her first twenty-one years, heroine Dominique Avallon lives in the opulent splendor of Egypt's French expatriate community. Egypt's 1952 revolution forces her to flee to America, where she must build a new life, and find new love.  If you read the headlines today, you'll see that much of the world's turmoil is the same as it was seventy years ago.  No More Lonely Nights will be available on Kindle and Nook in April, 2013.

By now, you may be wondering why I've chosen these exotic locales for my novels.  Well, my own mother was born in Cairo, Egypt, and was part of the European expatriate community.  French was her first language, but she also spoke fluent English and Italian.  Dominique, the heroine of No More Lonely Nights, is based on my beloved mother, who passed away in December of 2011.

Escape and enjoy with these fun novels!

REGRET NOT A MOMENT, $3.99 Kindle, borrow free if Prime member
NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS, $3.99 Kindle, borrow free if Prime member

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